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DOW is a multi-player, turn-based browser game where hundreds of players explore, trade, build small camps or vast cities, and struggle to defend themselves and allies from danger. Harvest and craft, forge alliances or wage war- all in a lush and complex world full of ancient wonders, powerful secrets, and mystery. Months of adventure await, for casual and serious players alike. Create your free account today!

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Server Status
Gateway (Test) Normal 1 Min Up
Dreadmar Hardcore 5 Min Down
Quexhuul Hardcore 15 Min Down
Haadtswell (Islands) Hardcore 5 Min Down
Umwhurg Hardcore 15 Min Down
Llyndyr Normal 30 Min Down
Oldenstone Normal 30 Min Down
Razhuul Normal 15 Min Down
Strumdurgen Normal 15 Min Down
Skryllis Normal 15 Min Down
Feroug (Islands) Normal 1 Min Down
Aldathur Normal 15 Min Down
Corwynn Normal 15 Min Down
Power up your game by purchasing Warbux, the official in-game currency of Dominions of War! Warbux buy a variety of game enhancing items, including resources from other players, upgraded abilities, or even "Epic" recipies and spells! Purchases help support DOW and our team of independent game developers.
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