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About Dominions Of War

DOW is turn based strategy game designed to provide complex, yet casual and long-term play for thousands of players in a variety of different game worlds. DOW has been described as a cross between an RTS, MMO, chess and a collectible card game.

Game play in DOW focuses on exploration and discovery, building, social interaction, and combat in an on-going environment where players can progress and take part, with as much or as little time investment as they wish. DOW is a great game to play actively or passively! On a day with a lot of free time you might raid enemy outposts or undertake vast building projects, or team up for a siege against your nemesis. On a busy day at work or school, you can check in via your phone or tablet, or issues a few orders between emails throughout the day.

DOW was designed to be a "serious game that can be played casually," and one where anyone can be a contributor to, no matter how much time you have to play! Just because your busy doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun, right?

Exploration and Discovery

As game play begins, players start out as a single King or Queen without a kingdom, in an untouched landscape full of lush treasures and vast areas to explore. The world offers diverse climates and terrain types, all with their own resources, benefits and risks. Hidden among the millions of map tiles lie ancient secrets and rare resources that, with some knowledge and luck, may yield fantastic rewards! The world is also alive with dangers and cataclysm, so tread carefully.

As you harvest resources from the land, your Avatar will soon be able to attract followers who can become laborers, craftsmen, warriors, and more. These followers, in turn, become units to control, each with their own special abilities or talents. Some abilities are free, while others require resources to "fuel" them. Advanced abilities may require combinations of resources, or resources that you have not discovered yet. New abilities can be discovered by experimenting with resources and can yield many surprises, such as new or improved units, enhancements, ancient powers, or more modern technology!

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With hundreds of geographically diverse resources, units and objects to build and customize, DOW gives players tremendous flexibility to build their empire as they see fit.

Building is a key component of DOW play. Although players can opt to be nomadic, establishing a city or allying with other players that have defenses is a great way to improve your odds of surviving hostile attacks. Hundreds of structures can be built with thousands of variants and customizations, and that's just in your native climate. Forest regions rich in wood and natural resources will thrive with classic wooden structures, tools, weapons and units. In contrast, a mountainous area with its stone and ore may produce entirely different cities and settlements. As alliances and trade develops, players will begin to produce advanced structures using diverse resources, enabling more advanced technology, cities, and complex unit production.

In DOW, players have the power to build and develop anywhere they wish. Wise players will choose strategic locations with stable ground and rich resources. From the walls to forward outposts, farms to fields, you have complete control of your empire, tile by tile. In fact, many players may choose to focus on different roles in settlement building and work as a team to build a community. Powerful players can even shape the land to their bidding.

Social Interaction

Screen ShotEach DOW server is a self-contained game world with its own players, unique map, and resource economy. Maps may be themed, such as an island-based or seafaring maps, or they may be traditional continents. Wherever you play, the world is dynamic and changing, and it is full of other players. Everyone begins as a single person, but based on skill, luck, and a fair bit of diplomacy, players can begin to amass friends and foes alike. Alliances can be formed in DOW, providing you safe passage through allied defenses and the ability to share control of allied units. A full in-game chat and messaging system encourages communication and cooperation to build and survive.

The economy in DOW is designed to model the real world. Resources cannot be bought or sold unless they exist and are offered for sale by other players. As a result, trade and supply/demand are key concerns of game play, and are driving factors of conflict and diplomacy alike-- just like the reality.

Screen ShotWhen diplomacy fails, combat is always an option. With so many customizable units, each with special attacks and resource limited capabilities, combat is a complex exercise in strategy and resource management. Simply amassing an army of small units will not win wars unless you have the resources to maintain them, and the expertise to command.

With victory comes the spoils of war: resources, fame, fortune. Likewise, defeated players can lose resources, have weaker units defect, or even lose their entire empire. Don't worry, though. DOW offers hardcore and normal servers to ensure the stakes of your gaming can be as high as you like.

War also has its price on the landscape. War torn areas are transformed into barren wastelands devoid of resources, forcing leaders to renew their lands or suffer the fate of dwindling resources. Not only can you destroy entire cities, you have the power to wipe continents off the map and starve your opponents out! Just make sure their allies don't resupply them or amass an army to challenge yours.

A Serious, Casual Game For Everyone

We are committed to continuing with DOW development, and adding new units and resources on a regular basis.

DOW is provided as a free to play game, and ongoing development and hosting is supported through purchases of Warbux, the in game currency. Good luck and thank you for your support.